Seattle 6 – September 15-17, 2017

Seattle VR Hackathon 6 is coming up!

As always, it will be a festival of VR, AR, and other technology projects, with ample opportunity to learn about Virtual Reality and other immersive technologies, to meet new people, and to get hands-on experience with VR design and development.

The Hackathon will be hosted at the University of Washington’s Center for Education and Research in Construction, over the weekend of September 15-17, 2017

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Language Learning in AR / VR AtomicBrunette
Best of Show Warmth
Best Visual Design Giant Octopus VR
Best Use of Sound Los Gatos Magicos
Best Technical Achievement Vox Augmento
Best Interaction Design VR Quidditch
Most Novel Project Project: Human Simulator


Don Alvarez

Co-Founder and CTO, Accelerated Pictures

Foo Hoang

Senior Product Manager, HTC

Julia Fryett

Director of Marketing and Community Development, Pixvana

Lisa Weeks

Brand Engagemancer, Hashbang Games

Peter Brussard

Senior VP, Product at Rosetta Stone

Trond Nilsen

Director of Development
Virtual Therapeutics
Ambassador, Virtual World Society


Bridget Swirski
Volunteer Chair
Eva Hoerth
Community Chair
Heather Zweig
Logistics Chair
Karl Spang
Sponsorship Chair
Trond Nilsen
General Chair