Latvia 2 – April 27-29, 2018

Augmented and Virtual reality are some of the most promising technologies of the near future that are starting to find their way into our lives now. To encourage young tech-heads, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts to put their ideas and minds together, Overly, in collaboration with Anatomy Next and Vidzemes Augstskola, ran the first AR / VR Hackathon in Latvia in 2017, and, in 2018, are running its sequel.

The second Latvia VR hackathon brought together approximately 55 hackers from 5 countries.

For more information, please see the event website!


Grand Prize Green Night
LIAA Business Prize onBoard


Alina Dolmate

Brand Strategist / Co-Founder

Gatis Zvjenieks

CTO, Overly

Gunita Kulikovsky

CEO, Vividly

Jurgis Prieditis

LIAA Valmiera Biznesa Inkubatora Vaditajs

Kaspars Auzarējs-Auzers

Mobile & UX Manager

Trond Nilsen

Director of Development
Virtual Therapeutics
Ambassador, Virtual World Society


Arnis Cirulis

Associate Professor
Vidzeme University Of Applied Sciences

Gatis Zvjenieks

CTO, Overly