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Our Judges come from Industry, Academia and Government. Thank you judges!
Here are our Judges from our last VR Hackathon in San Francisco, December 2016.
Tom ERLICH - Super Ventures

Sometimes called the “man from the future” Tom Emrich is a leading voice in wearable technology committed to driving adoption and innovation in technology augmenting the human experience. He is an investor and partner at Super Ventures, the first fund and incubator dedicated to augmented reality and a community builder.

Livi ERICKSON - Microsoft

Livi Erickson is a Virtual and Augmented Reality Developer Evangelist at Microsoft. She is the creator and host of Just A/VR Show, a web show for aspiring VR and AR developers, developer of KittenVR, and the author of The Matrix is My Office blog and the book Entering the Metaverse. Livi is passionate about making immersive technologies accessible to everyone, and teaching new developers how to create their own VR & AR experiences.

Craig CANNON - Y Combinator

Director of Marketing at Y Combinator

Steven VERGENZ - Altspace

Steven Vergenz is the SDK Evangelist for AltspaceVR. He has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Central Florida, and is an experienced web developer and system administrator. He is especially excited about virtual reality as it applies to education and communication.

Matt Brown - Enflux

Matt is a Software lead at Enflux. He joined Enflux in 2014 with 2 of his friends from college. At first year he worked as a mechanical engineer by day, programmer by night until Enflux got into YC and he could work full time. Matt is a big fan of computers, programming, video games and SpaceX.

Christopher Peri - Samsung

Christopher had worked on 3D and VR starting the VFX1 in 1995 including teaching class on VRML. Currently Chistopher is working at Samsung Research Lab working on mobile strategy and business development of various VR/AR projects.

Ryan Tsui - Aircom

A serial entrepreneur with 18 years of business experience in manufacturing, distribution and sales. Ryan has a passion for turning ideas into products and then bringing then to market. 

Judges From our December 2016 San Francisco VR Hackathon

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